Privacy policy statement

I understand that Jenoptik North America, Inc. (“Jenoptik”) will attempt to verify statements made on my application and made during my employment interview. When contacted by Jenoptik, I give permission for my former employers to answer all questions based upon information available to them in my prior employment records; I understand that it is possible that my prior employment records may not be accurate. In consideration of Jenoptik’s review of this application, I release Jenoptik and all former employers from any liability as a result of furnishing and receiving this information.

I authorize personal references, as well as other persons, companies, corporations, schools, and law enforcement agencies to furnish to Jenoptik and/or its agents any information they have concerning me. I understand that false, incomplete or misleading statements or omissions on this application or any other employment form, whether pre- or post- employment, may be considered sufficient cause for dismissal, if and when discovered. For these purposes, all materials that I submit to Jenoptik are considered employment forms. I understand that the use of this application does not indicate there are positions open and does not create any obligations for Jenoptik.

In addition, I understand that:

I may be required to submit to drug testing or medical evaluations now or, if hired, at any time in the future and I agree to such testing. My failure or refusal to undergo such testing will result in the withdrawal of my application or my separation. • The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires that, after employment, employers verify the legal work authorization and identity of all new employees and an offer of employment will depend upon Jenoptik’s ability to verify this information. • If hired, I must conform to Jenoptik’s rules; I am an at-will employee; my employment does not guarantee a position for any length of time; and, I may be required to work overtime, weekends or holidays. No one other than Jenoptik’s President can make any other agreements with respect to my employment terms. • If disabled and I need an accommodation, I should inform Jenoptik and engage in an interactive dialogue to determine the best course of action. • If hired, confidential information (all non-public information about Jenoptik and its customers, which includes trade secrets, proprietary, financial, marketing and strategic business information) may be available to me and this information shall not be disclosed to any unauthorized personnel. • By signing below I am waiving certain rights regarding this application process: my right to a jury trial to resolve any lawsuit arising out of this process; and, my right to participate as a member or representative of a class of similarly situated individuals in any class or collective action lawsuit arising out of this process.

I understand that my failure to sign this form will be considered a withdrawal of my application for employment.

Due to the volume of applications received, we may not interview every applicant. In the event you are selected for an interview, we will contact you. Applications will not be considered active after 90 days from the date of this application.